"A Unified Voice Primarily For Canterbury Landlords

... - whilst mindful of all"

We want to hear from and enable a voice for: Landlords, Students, Parents, Neighbours, Resident Associations and associated or interested parties including Canterbury City Council. Together we are more likely to find a realistic solution to problems faced by individuals and organisations. Here you can openly or privately share concerns and comment on Letting issues. Visitors (non-members) are welcome to browse public pages and to email with comments and suggestions. (admin@canterburylandlordsforum.co.uk) Members have access to designated areas depending on which forum they are attached to. Some private posts of wider importance may be made available for all to comment with the author's prior permission. If you are a registered user, just log in to view content and posts. To become a member, just complete "Create new account" on the left of the page. There is no charge for access nor liability or responsibility accepted for errors or omissions. Abusive or offensive material will be removed and such users may be blocked from editing. Advertising is not permitted.

It is important for this site to remain credible that each individual forum retains anonymity and privacy. Infiltration by those other than they purport to be will result in such persons being excluded as members. They may never-the-less access the non members area. Students must log in using their own academic email address to confirm their student status. Check out this site and if you feel it is helpful please promote it! Canterbury Student Landlords Forum is a new all-inclusive landlord driven initiative. We are open to suggestions on how we improve it. It started with less than 100 member landlords and letting agents. Together we represent well over 1000 properties and perhaps 5000 students. We aim to improve relations between students and residents. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that together, we are capable of self-regulation. If successful local residents will enjoy living in their localities. we might avoid government intervention an in particular Discretionary Additional Licensing. Students will avoid associated rent increases Some intervention would further burden all involved in student housing.

This forum to which you are invited to join is free of charge with minimal rules. Each mini-forum within the larger forum is designed twofold to enable: Confidential information to all parties as to interests, rights and responsibilities. Open and closed dialogue with a view to highlighting and understanding letting issues with a view to finding solutions. For topics involving joint events, the general discussion forum is open to all. This might include City Clean-up days CRING is an acronym of key points most will be familiar with: Communities (lost in former form(s)) Rubbish (recycling, bin days, uncollected, rodents), Insomnia (noise: shouting, singing, playing music late at night, car engines left running discharging intoxicating fumes into nearby windows), much of this noise is not residential but through footfall to and from universiies. Nuisance ( damage to properties on route to universities) Gardens (unkempt: grass uncut, litter, abandoned shopping trolleys), "We know the problems. Now,, by communicating, together - we can find a solution!" Please click to the poll enabling you to vote for or against Article 4 and Additional Licensing. (You need to log in to be able to vote)

For more information contact: admin@canterburylandlordforum.co.uk

Canterbury Clean Up Day 30 May 2012 A legion of Canterbury landlords and letting agents together own and manage over 1000 properties accommodating over 5000 students. Putting aside their individual competitive interests they are now working together in favour of community relations tackling the very difficult issues of noise, nuisance and rubbish associated with student accommodation. There is widespread concern in the letting industry that proposed Council intervention via Art.4 Directions and in particular Additional Licensing, will exacerbate the problems they purport to cure. The consequential administration and costs of legislation, might actually thwart the real inroads landlords are currently making to improve these very problems. Time currently spent improving could in future be consumed by red tape. Further, students would ultimately shoulder the consequential costs. As a united Forum, landlords and agents now hope to persuade authorities that they are capable of self-regulation. Most landlords are also local residents eager to find a solution. For the first time landlords / agents are exploring radical ways in which they can achieve, as a united forum - what no other student city has yet accomplished – a realistic solution! Simply because no solution has yet been found, does not mean one does not exist. Nor is there evidence that proposals to restrict numbers of renters in communities and to Licence third party landlords, will diminish the problems.

Such distractions from the solution will merely compound the problems. One such benefit of this new landlord forum is the City Clean up day on 30 May 2012 The landlord led debut Clean Up at 11am beginning at Regency Place extends and connects to: North Holmes Rd, College Rd, St Martins Rd area, Pretoria Rd and Clement Close areas. It is anticipated that as the forum develops future periodic events will encompass the whole of Canterbury. Canterbury Student Landlords Forum www.canterburylandlordsforum.co.uk is a series of segregated mini-forums open, not only to lettings professionals, but also to all members of the community to enable a joint contribution to any solution. Cooperation, not confrontation or regulation, is seen as the way forward.