About us

Landlords and Agents working together with Communities.

Together we recognise that any solution of residential issues requires cooperation between all parties!

This forum is about many things: finding answers to questions, mutual sharing, ideas exchange, tips, forwarding leads, forming like minded friendships, self help, etc.

However, uppermost is our awareness is the importance of finding solutions to the problems some residents endure, as an indirect consequence of landlords letting properties in communities. Failure to solve problems will result in government intervention, e.g. via Article 4 Directions and or Additional Licensing of all HMOs.

Self-regulation requires Landlords to act conducively to demonstrate their ability and sincerity to evince this determination in order to avert government intervention via Canterbury City Council. We all have strong opinions and this is encouraged. Indeed together we provide a united voice so we become relevant. The fact that we will often disagree, is a fact of life and not to be taken personally. It is surprising how often we agree on the same problem but disagree on the solution. We need to focus and build on our common ground, whilst courteously exploring creative ways to engage in meaningful dialogue in search of solutions.

This forum is one such idea! Interaction is therefore part of the solution. In this forum everyone can say what they want with courtesy, within their respective closed forums. Landlords, students / tenants, residents and their associations and other associations are all free to access the common information outside the member forums.

However, individuals are only permitted to communicate within their most relevant forum after logging in. This policy is really important to enable and encourage confidential debate without members being "overheard".

Trusted moderators with permission from the authors of comments, may flag up matters of wider importance, sharing these with all the individual forums within the larger overall forum. Such cross pollination is necessary to enable any degree of harmony and awareness of other than our own viewpoint within the bigger picture.

If we each leave a joint meeting after all have spoken, intransigently clinging only to our own individual viewpoint, without regard to contra-views, then we have likely not listened and we are unlikely to find a solution.