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  • The localism bill now the Localism Act 2011 effective from 6 April 2012 with respect to EPC and Deposit modifications.
  • See other pages for more info.
  • This forum is new! Community Clean ups by landlords and agents is newish!

Retrospectively the following cleanup saw 15+ volunteers.  Compared to 24+ in May.  Whereas the previous cleanup in May was dominated by agents; this time landlords outnumbered agents by at least 3:1  Well done to everyone who attended both.  From 1 to 5 hours from each volunteer, the area covered extended from the railway alleyway at Kemsing gardens (notorious for fly tipping and really messy) to as far away as Downs Road.  We covered most streets in between.   What is unique about our cleanup is that we do not merly pick up litter which could be done in a fraction of the time.  We knock on doors assisting residents (both homeowners and students) with obviously unsightly rubbish outside homes.

11am Wednesday 27 June 2012 Starting at Hales Place 

All are welcome

Canterbury City Clean Up Day

  • If you want to make a difference come and join us.
  • It will be a fun couple of hours
  • Pick up tools and instructions provided.
  • Followed if you wish by a get together at a local pub.
  • We need to have an idea of volunteer numbers so get in touch

CLEANING UP 27 June 2012


City and County Councillors

New - Canterbury Student Landlords Forum


  • I represent a group of under 100 landlords and agents who in turn own and manage well over 1000 properties accommodating at least five times as many students.
  • There is widespread concern in the letting industry that any Canterbury City Council intervention via Art.4 Directions or Additional Licensing will exacerbate the problems it seeks to cure.   
  • The accompanying administration and costs of legislation, whilst doing little to correct the social problems acknowledged will perversely thwart the real inroads landlords are currently making to improve the situation. 
  • The time currently spent improving would in future be swallowed up by red tape with students ultimately shouldering the consequential costs.
  • Unlike some other areas of the UK Canterbury landlords seldom face prosecution for non compliance of housing regulations.
  • Landlords and agents are now united and motivated to avoid Council intervention. 
  • Most landlords are also local constituent residents who seek a solution. 
  • Prior to the inception of our new Forum there was no leadership to motivate a movement towards reform. 
  • Now we are mobilised I ask on behalf of our members that you allow us an opportunity to demonstrate that self regulation will produce infinitely better results than any such ineffective placebo the proposed regulation might appear to offer.  Below is just one imminent landlord initiative which has Council permission.

CLEANING UP 27 June 2012

  • A legion of student landlords and agents will again descend upon Canterbury’s streets on 27 June 2012.
  • In an effort to contribute to solving any solution to problems of rubbish in residential areas, these property people will shed their suits and don overalls to clean our streets.
  • Canterbury Student Landlords Forum is actively seeking to work in harmony with local residents.
  • But this goodwill act may not evoke spontaneous applause.
  • Whilst many locals see students as fellow locals and an essential part of the local economy, others perceive property investors as contributing to social problems by buying owner occupied homes for students to rent.
  • Forum members see cleaning as one of many ways to contribute to any solution.
  • More than merely cleaning, this do-as-I-do act highlights the need for students to recycle rubbish properly in correct containers provided.
  • The forum is open to all members of the community with separate mini-forums.
  • These mini-forums within the larger forum enable individual groups to have confidential conversations about local issues.
  • The distillate of discussions will be represented by a moderator from each forum.
  • Moderators will be invited to meet to represent and reconcile the main issues.
  • The forums will be represented by one moderator from each of these forums: Landlords, Agents, Students, Residents, Authorities and Societies. LASRAS
  • LASRAS sounds like the bible characters in the books of Luke and John - both enjoyed life after death.
  • Lazarus - there is no spiritual parallel, merely a sound-alike acronym but any new life for communities would be welcome.

Bob Leydon

Canterbury Student Landlords Forum