• CRING is an acronym of key points most will be familiar with:
    • Communities (lost in former form(s))
    • Rubbish (recycling, bin days, uncollected, rodents),
    • Insomnia (noise: shouting, singing, playing music late at night),
    • Nuisance ( damage to properties on route to universities)
    • Gardens (unkempt: grass uncut, litter, shopping trolleys),

"We know the problems, now by communicating, together - we can find a solution!"

  • May Day May Day 23rd May or 30th May
  • Proposed Canterbury City Clean Up Day
  • If you want to make a difference come and join us. 
  • It will be a fun couple of hours
  • Pick up tools and instructions provided.
  • Followed if you wish by a get together at a local pub.
  • We need to have an idea of volunteer numbers so get in touch