Tenant Test


Tenant Test Leydon Lettings Tenancy Test - Feel free to use this!

Part one multiple choice:

The following test is designed to make you think about your conduct, particularly in Canterbury communities and to demonstrate your understanding of your tenancy agreement and responsibilities. This is part one of a two part test. Part one is the multiple-choice questions below; part two is the tenants conduct whilst in residence. Neighbour complaints may if verified, result in certificates being withheld. At the end of student tenancies certificates of achievement are awarded to each housemate.. Peer pressure might be required to influence good conduct of individual fellow housemates in community absent which regretablly all the jpoint housemates may be denied a certificate.

A certificate evincing good character is likely to favourably influence your next landlord or lender to accept you.

PART ONE: Please circle the one correct answer below, from each numbered question:

1.The term Joint Tenancy includes the condition that:

a) the tenants are jointly responsible for rent and damages,

b) the tenants are only responsible for their own rent and damages,

c) the tenants are not responsible for anything?

Answer a, b, or c.

2.The tenancy agreement is: a) a Joint tenancy, b) a group of individual tenancies, c) ideal to light the barbeque? Answer a, b, or c.

3.Recycled glass bottles are: a) collected at the door, b) collected from public bottle banks only, c) collected in clear sacks? Answer a, b, or c.

4.At tenancy termination and after leaving, your mail will be: a) redirected to you by the landlord, b) each tenants responsibility to redirect via the post office, c) binned by the next group if not addressed to them? Answer a, b, or c.

5.Whilst playing loud music in your room, you pop downstairs for a drink, do you: a) reduce the volume or close your bedroom door to avoid disturbing your housemates, b) leave your door wide open so your housemates can appreciate your good taste in music, c) turn the base up and open your window wide so your neighbours houses vibrate and they too can all hear how cool you are? Answer a, b, or c.

6.Following an evening out celebrating a 21st birthday party you return home and: a) continue the party in the garden within hearing of the neighbours, b) shout at the complaining neighbours and tell them to, “get a life” c) go indoors and keep the noise down? Answer a, b, or c.

7.The newly painted walls are intended for you to: a) enjoy, b) smother in posters, c) kindly donate a fist-full of blue tack to the landlord? Answer a, b, or c.

8.On Black Wheelie bin day, any excess black bags unable to fit inside the black bin can be: a) placed beside the black bin, b) stacked up in the bin forcing the lid ajar, c) retained until after collection, then dropped into the empty bin to be collected next time? Answer a, b, or c.

9.On recycling days, surplus cardboard can be: a) tied up and placed alongside the clear recycling sacks, b) dumped in the black wheelie bin, c) strewn over the rear garden? Answer a, b, or c.

10.When shopping at the supermarket you: a) steal a shopping trolley to cart your groceries home before dumping the trolley in the nearest hedge, b) buy “bags for life” , c) borrow the trolley but take it back next time? Answer a, b, or c.

11.Should neighbours complain about noise, nuisance or rubbish, you will: a) respond courteously and attempt to resolve any difficulty amicably, b) turn up your music even louder in protest, c) run your door key along the side of your neighbour’s car? Answer a, b, or c.

12.Following a meal do you: a) leave your dishes for your housemates to discover in the morning, b) wash up and leave surfaces clean in consideration of your housemates, c) use your housemates dishes for them to wash before they can eat? Answer a, b, or c.

13.At the end of the tenancy you no longer need your old TV, do you: a) leave it for the next group who might find it useful, b) cut the plug off as it might be useful leaving the TV in the garden, c) remove the TV from the property altogether? Answer a, b, or c.

14.Your mates become homeless and ask to live with you, do you: a) invite them to stay in your student house, b) gently explain that you cannot jeopardise your accommodation by agreeing, c) invite them to bring their friends to stay too? Answer a, b, or c.

15.Your shower drain becomes blocked with hair and gunk, do you: a) continue showering ‘til water floods over the top of the tray onto the floor, b) report it to the landlord or perhaps remove the hair yourself, c) await the next landlord inspection and claim it was there already? Answer a, b, or c.

16.You arrive home by car with friends and take some time to say goodbye, do you: a) allow the engine to run disturbing the neighbours, b) switch off and save your fuel, c) asphyxiate the person asleep in the groundfloor room with an open window above your exhaust pipe? Answer a, b, or c.

17.Your fire door-closer takes too long to close and open, do you: a) accept it is for your safety or if concerned report it to the landlord, b) remove it with a screwdriver but keep it safe, c) smash it off with the nearby fire-extinguisher ensuring you bin the door-closer in a recycling sack? Answer a, b, or c.

18.When returning home with friends, do you: a) make as much noise as you can to disturb neighbours, b) respect neighbours right to peace, c) urinate on your neighbours garden establishing your territory as animals do? Answer a, b, or c.

19.You are awaiting your pan of chips to cook, meanwhile do you: a) watch your favourite TV program next door until cooked, b) stay with the pan until the power is turned off, c) rely on the smoke alarm to inform you when your food is cooked? Answer a, b, or c.

20.Your landlord wishes to conduct viewings at your house, do you: a) ensure the house is clear, safe and clean, b) leave your laptop computer poised precariously for a visitor to knock over, c) ignore the notification and ensure the house is filthy and bins are overflowing with rotting food? Answer a, b, or c.

21.Your landlord notifies in advance of viewings - the doorbell rings, do you: a) answer the door, b) ignore the door and hope someone else responds, c) appear at the top of the stairs rubbing your eyes, but only appear after the landlord enters and calls out? Answer a, b, or c.

22.The smoke alarm goes off whist making toast, do you: a) turn off the toaster and circulate the air until the alarm goes off, b) remove the alarm battery and breathe a sigh of relief and a lung-full of smoke, c) rip the alarm off in anger and risk electrocution from the unseen hardwiring? Answer a, b, or c.

23.There is a storm outside and your windows and glass doors are open, do you: a) close all windows and doors, b) wait for the storm to close the window and smash the glass, c) open more windows for fresh air? Answer a, b, or c.

24.You are last to leave the house and upon looking back notice the lounge window is open, do you: a) go back and properly secure the the window, b) decide it wasn’t you who opened it so why should you bother closing it, c) deny any knowledge of it when burgled? Answer a, b, or c.

25.Candles are: a) permitted, b) not permitted, c) only permitted at Christmas and birthdays? Answer a, b, or c.

26.Rodents are: a) useful for Hoovering up any surplus food dumped in the garden, b) a health hazard carrying the potentially fatal vials disease, c) to be invited to a banquet with a saucer of milk intended for a stray cat? Answer a, b, or c.

27.Your are the first to arrive at commencement of the tenancy, do you: a) keep the house clean and tidy, b) allow a mountain of progressively downwards rotting pizzas to accumulate for the new arrivals to discover and claim they were already there when you arrived, c) invite your non housemates to use the spare bedrooms until your furious housemates arrive? Answer a, b, or c.

28.You are the first housemate to arrive but have difficulty with the shower head, do you: a) ask for assistance before breaking it, b) force it to work and break it anyway then tell the subsequent arriving tenants and their parents it was already broken, c) ignore it and use one of the other showers? Answer a, b, or c.

29.Your shower goes hot and cold, do you: a) have a hot and cold shower as it is good for the skin, b) remove the scale from the shower head by rubbing your thumb over the rubber nozzles, c) smash the shower head against the glass screen and cut your feet in the process? Answer a, b, or c.

30.Your washing machine has just finished a cycle, do you: a) wait patiently for the door release mechanism to unlock, b) decide you want your garment now and force the door jamming it so no one can use it, c) ring the landlord and advise the machine is not working ? Answer a, b, or c.

31.You turn on an electrical appliance which does not work, do you: a) ring Leydon Lettings and say it is broken, b) check the fuses are all on before ringing Leydon Lettings, c) leave it for one of your housemates to sort out? Answer a, b, or c.

32.Following a trip home for Christmas you return to Canterbury, before departing do you: a) wait until on the train before realising you left your keys behind, b) double check before hand you have your keys, c) rely on the landlord to get you in so no need to check? Answer a, b, or c.

33.You turn on an electric light which does not work, do you: a) replace it with a spare carefully supporting the pendant so as not to damage it. b) ring Leydon Lettings and ask them to replace it, c) ram the bulb in reckless as to whether it causes any damage Answer a, b, or c.

34.When organising payment of your rent do you: a) set up your standing order using Leydon Lettings standing order form, b) put off filling in the standing order form until you have time then risk forgetting it, c) decide to pay as you go and trust you will remember the payment dates? Answer a, b, or c.

35.If rebooking your house for a further year do you: a) wait until someone else views your house before realising you are in danger of losing it, b) actively discuss with each other that you wish to remain and reserve before others show interest, c) make sure the house is so untidy, no one else will want to live there? Answer a, b, or c.

36.Following reserving a house for a further year you go home for the summer, but before departing you: a) ensure the fridge and freezers are empty and switched off leaving bins empty, b) leave the food in the fridge and bins to rot and attract rodents, c) take all the food from the freezer and leave in the bin for the two months vacation? Answer a, b, or c.

37.Permission to keep pets: a) will never be granted b) will not be unreasonably withheld, c) can be kept provided the landlords does not know? Answer a, b, or c.

38.Taking illegal drugs could result in you: a) and your housemates being subjected to a body cavity search by the police raiding your house, b) enjoying improved skin tone, c) enjoying improved job prospects? Answer a, b, or c.

39.After flushing the toilet and washing your hands, before exiting you a) insist upon a DNA test to prove the remaining poo is not yours! b) wait until others discover it and swear blind it was already there! c) look back and ensure no poo remains? Answer a, b, or c.

40.Your smoke alarm begins to beep one morning indicating battery failure is imminent, do you: a) ignore it as it is not your concern b) wait until it beeps incessantly the following night at 11:45pm before ringing the landlord to advise it is keeping you awake, c) lever off the lid with a knife and risk electrocution? Answer a, b, or c.

41.You eventually leave the property for ever. Do you: a) pay £40.80 for the post office to redirect your mail b) decide your post is not worth that much and ignore it, risking identity theft and credit / job prospects c) Rely on others writing: Return To Sender and posting for you. Answer a, b, or c.