Canterbury homeless – landlords help

Canterbury homeless – landlords help?

  • "Catching Lives" was originally  managed by "The Scrine Foundation" set up by Mrs Scrine to help the homeless. 
  • Currently there are over 300 landlords and 70 agents on our mailing list. 
  • If we each contributed as little as £1 for every tenant we accommodate, this would go a significant way to help the organisation Catching Lives. 
  • They need £50k to avoid closure.
  • Further, seen by some as money grabbing greedy landlords, we all contribute to charity but this is not widely known. 
  • Reducing homelessness by giving to such a high profile charity might improve public perception leading to more cooperation. 
  • Such giving will reduce your tax bill by up to 50% - talk to your accountants.
  • Your thoughts?