Right Down To Earth - or Just Down Right Low

Down To Earth - or just low.

  • Hallet Walk in Canterbury was the target of copper theives.
  • Two adjacent properties had the electrical earth connections stolen from the front outside wall.
  • The green and yellow earth cable (yes the one disguised as a blade of long grass) runs to the outside meter.
  • Second-hand, the weight of copper that was stolen was almost worthless as scrap
  • But the consequences for student tenant's safety was potentially lethal.
  • Check your earth connections are intact!
  • If you are in the process of fitting a new boiler ignore the gas fitter who insists on fitting the gas supply pipe outside.  Frankly they ought to realise that shiny copper is like a magnet for copper theives.  Learn to like the look of indoor pipes, there is nothing more ugly than an outdoor missing pipe.  It will cost a bit more to run pipes inside away from temptation, but you get to keep them indoors whereas the copper thieves get them outdoors.